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How can I adopt a dog?

If you have fallen in love with one of our furry dogs after taking a look at the website, do not hesitate to go to our shelter to meet them in person. If once there you decide that you want to adopt, we will ask for your contact information to send you a form with some questions to your email. If after reviewing the form we consider that you meet the requirements to adopt, we proceed to reserve the specific dog. Once he has all his vaccinations and checkups up to date, he will be ready to fill you with love.

Does adoption cost anything?

Adopting has a cost that is associated with everything the dog needs to be in optimal condition. This is: - Microchip - Passport - Rabies vaccine - Polyvalent vaccine - Castration (mandatory without exceptions) All this would add up to an amount of €230. *We do not obtain benefits with this adoption cost. It is simply the price corresponding to what is described in the list.

Do you have puppies for adoption?

Normally we do have puppies that can be adopted, but they are usually in foster homes and not in the shelter for safety reasons for them. If you are interested in any of our babies, contact us and we will explain how you can meet them.

What type of donations do you need most?

Any contribution is welcome. The products that we need most on a daily basis are: Feed, cans of food and sausages. Rice and macaroni. Cleaning products (floor cleaner, bleach, detergent...) Blankets and towels for the furry beds.

How can I become a volunteer?

You simply have to come during opening hours and fill out a form with some contact information. Ready! Now you can help us and walk the dogs. *There are no schedule commitments, you can come any days you want. Even if a month passes between visits, there is no problem.