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Adoption process

Steps to find your new companion

Before filling the adoption form, you must read and reflect on all the points of the adoption program and assume the responsibilities that come with adopting an animal.

You can see the animals currently available for adoption on the Our Dogs page, which is regularly updated.

Please do not request animals that are not on the page. Adoption is not a purchase; we are not a store. Adopting means adding a new member to your family, unique, with their own physical characteristics, personality, and history.

We do not accept requests where the sole interest is the breed or species, nor for gifting to children, and certainly not for breeding, keeping on farms, or situations where the animal will not be living with the family. We also do not accept applications from minors.

Adoption is not the satisfaction of a whim; it is much more serious. It is a decision that must be carefully considered, without haste, and with an understanding of the responsibility it entails.

If you are sure you want to adopt and for us to evaluate your application properly, we need you to fill out and send us the following form:

Pre-adoption form (EN)