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Become a foster home

Help Our Furry Friends on Their Journey to a Home

At PAD, we love and protect as many animals as our arms and hearts can embrace, but the truth is that sometimes our arms need a little extra help. Our facilities can quickly fill up, and that's where a special group of heroes comes into play: our foster homes.

The Essential Role of Foster Homes

Most of the time, we are overwhelmed and don't have enough space to shelter all the abandoned dogs that need refuge and care. This is where foster homes play a vital role. They are a temporary shelter filled with love and care, an essential step in the journey to a forever home for our furry friends.

Why Foster Homes Are Important?

  • Temporary Respite: They provide a temporary respite for animals who have experienced tough times on the streets or in the shelter, giving them a chance to recover in a home environment.
  • Socialization: Animals learn about life in a home, which makes their future adoption easier by teaching them social and cohabitation skills.
  • Space Liberation: By freeing up space in the shelter, we can save more needy animals, increasing our chances of finding loving homes for all.

How Can You Help as a Foster Home?

If you have a compassionate heart and space in your home and heart, you can become a foster home. We provide all the necessary support, from supplies to guidance. Your commitment to caring for an animal temporarily is an immense gift to them and to us.

Join Our Foster Home Team

Are you ready to open the doors of your home to a furry friend in need of love and care? Join our foster home team and be a part of this incredible support network for animals in need.

Become a Foster Angel and Help Our Furry Friends on Their Journey to a Home! 🏡🐾❤️